Privacy solution for Ethereum

ZeroPool is a much more advanced privacy solution than any mixer. It allows you to:

• Hide amount, source and destination addresses from any external observer
• Store and do atomic swap of ETH and any ERC20 tokens

It consists of two parts:

• Smart contract with ZKP and UTXO under the hood
• Wallet - chrome extension that generates key pairs on BabyJubJub elliptic curve.

What is under the hood?

• Pedersen Hash • ECVRF for nullifier • Groth16 • EDDSA for UTXO signatures • MiMC-hash

You can find detailed explanation on the cryptography on

It is open source

This R&D project was initially bootstrapped on the ETH Boston hackathon (devpost).
Later on, ZeroPool got a grant from consensus.
At the moment it's in the stage of active development

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